terça-feira, junho 22

You are Silence

There is much more in life than the words can contain.

If you can see what is beyond of what your mind knows, this is enough-the seed is planted.

You want experiment the absence of thoughts, the absence of emotions.

But, where do you search for this experience?

Stop! Remain in silence, now, and see what is the thought, hant is the emotion.

Stop everything for one second…This is the seed of everything.

If in this moment you observe that there is no emotion and no thought, there is the possibility that you see this as precious and abysmal.

It is not in any other place, it is here. It is always here!

Always when there is someone available to be away of thoughts, to be away of emotions, to be away of itself, the HERE is open.

Do not save it as a memory, do not have a memory of here.

Recognize the precious possibility of being present forever.

This moment is eternal! It is mathematic: if this moment is eternal, if this moment is not measurable, it doesn’t end.

When the thoughts begin, there is a demand that you are more accurate, so that you see that even if the thoughts are there, the silence is permanent.

It just seems (to the unadvised ones) that the Silence disappeared, but it is not true. Is because of the Silence that there is the possibility of noise.

If there wasn’t Silence, there wouldn’t be noise. The Silence is the source of everything- from where everything comes from and to where everything goes.

Who are you? Are you the noise?

If I say that I am Satyaprem….Satyaprem is the noise.

If I say that I am the body….The body is the noise in the conscioness that I AM.

The equation is mathematic and simple. If you look outside you are a body.

If you look outside, in emotional terms, you are a sensation defined by the circumstances.

If you look to your mind, you are a memory reflected in your experience.

But if you look inside, you are Silence.

And you can not run away from this, doesn’t matter how much you try.

Sooner or later you have to accommodate on that - you accept this and wash your hands.

The others go and you stay.


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  1. Nossa!!!! SILENCIO foi soh o que ficou do video satsang de hoje!!!

  2. There is no way or place to hide from the truth...