segunda-feira, julho 5

Be Now!

There is only one place to be, and this place is given to you naturally, as a gift.
It is absolutely the most relaxing place to Be. Be Now!
And see what you harvest from this "Being Now".

If you quiet down, you see that here and now, there is no mind.
And even if it comes up, as you are not feeding it, it disappears.
It's like as if the energy that were focused in one spot, is now unfocused.
Your body-mind has always one impulse, because it's nature is movement.
Still, mind doesn't exist. It knows that it vanishes when it's still.
Therefore, it feeds itself. Mind has always to do something.
It is body-mind's continual movement that maintains the idea that you have of yourself.
If you begin to quiet down, this idea is not refed any longer.
This idea begins to disappear and something new comes up:
you begin to realize you are not what you think you are.

You keep being who you think you are, only by remembering the past.
Your memory has a power and if you realize that,
you stop telling your story and stay in Silence.
So, the story of silence - which is not a story - starts to be told to you.
Now you look at the Now. And in this, borns out a "new You".

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