quinta-feira, julho 8

There is no way out!

Someone gave you the idea that you have to search for peace, and you believed. Even because, before they said that, they said that you were not in peace. And you again believed. Then, consequently, they told you to begin to look for it... And you started to look for the peace outside of you: if I eat certain kind of foods, if I practice some kind of exercises... I will find the peace. In a certain way you find peace. A relative peace. Until something happens: somebody steps in your foot, someone drops wine in your lap or hot coffee in your pants, somebody shouts at you, somebody contradicts you, someone does something unacceptable to you... And the peace that you had conquered is gone. And then, again you say to yourself: “I am not perfect, I need to grow better, I need to improve even more my discipline, I will meditate more. It was still not enough what I did. I need to do more.” And you look at yourself as an imperfect being, in need of perfection. Than you try to become more perfect. But how long? How long are you going to search for it this way? Will you achieve it? Isn’t there a lack of something in that way?

You think: "I will buy a brand new book. It seems that there has the key." And you go, buy the book and read it from the very beginning until the end, going back and forth several times because you forgot what has passed, then you read that same line again... and you go un to the next page... suddenly you find yourself in the middle of the page, and you don't remember what you read before. Then, you start all over again. You come to the end of the book and wonder: "Where is the key?"

There is only one place to look, and it begins with the question: Who are you? And believe me! You are not what you think you are. It doesn't matter how wonderful is the idea that you have about yourself, or how horrendous, or how terrible, or how mediocre. It is not a matter of adjective: the issue is the substantive. You cannot be an idea, because an idea can be repeated, and you are unrepeatable.

There is a tendency to look for in the wrong place. You have to notice something that cannot be noticed, because you are the one that notices. There is no way out! There’s nowhere to go. For this reason stop seeking! Stop!

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